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Welcome to the Sutler of Fort Scott.

With over 40 years of experience in collecting authentic Civil War items, making museum quality reproductions, and Living History, our commitment is to the history of the common soldier in this pivotal era of America's legacy. On our artifact side we are committed to accuracy in identification and competitive pricing, enabling the average collector to secure historic items and yet still keep peace on the home front. We will regularly feature artifacts on the site from our extensive inventory as well as publish our quarterly catalog averaging about 100-125 items each. If you would like to receive it directly via PDF please send us your e-mail address.

Personal items and CW era material culture common to life experience is our specialty.

This is a neglected area of collecting and very important to the legacy of the soldiers sacrifice, as well as that of his family. These are the items that soldiers carried because they wanted to, not because it was required. These are the items that were of value that transcended their service and epitomizes the character and experience of the citizen soldier and his family. Remember, just as many personal and home front items of the Civil War era were made before the war as during it, especially durable goods. Our inventory of items accurately reflects that fact.

On our reproduction side we are likewise committed to reasonable pricing without the sacrifice of historical authenticity and quality.

Having handled literally thousands of artifacts on the other side of our business, we have had a rare opportunity to develop and research for your benefit. We have chosen a limited number of unique, or uniquely valued items, for your Living History experience. We are not Quartermasters, we are sutlers. No government issue items are available from us. We limit our offerings to personal items, commercial contract military goods, and officers quality regalia. 

Our forte is in the development and manufacture of museum
quality packaging and labeling.

Our aim is that the opening of our packaged goods will be a authentic Living History experience in and of itself. We encourage you to even take them in the field unopened or at least still wrapped and re-sealed, and share the opportunity with your fellow soldiers. We plan to soon provide period "express" packaging service on entire orders to be used in camp and Living History demonstrations. Our individual item packaging techniques are based on common period practice or observation of actual originals. Our labels are either facsimiles of originals or museum quality composites designed and manufactured by us based on historical styles and examples and bearing researched names, products, and advertising of documented CW era manufacturers. All of our created labels bear a mark identifying them to us and are copyrighted. We appeal to your sense of 19th century morality and civility in assisting us in the honoring of our efforts on your behalf.

ur serious commitment to customer service and satisfaction

Due to this commitment our reproduction inventory will be sold on an "in stock" basis with a rotating list of items as certain item's stocks are depleted. We will make every effort to restock popular items as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patronage.



The Sutler of Fort Scott
Historic Tallman Homestead, c.1857
501 N. Franklin Street  - Fort Scott, Kansas 66701   -  620-223-1390
Our historic store of artifacts and museum quality reproductions is open by advance appointment.
Please call us
at 620 223-1390 and leave a message or e-mail us at sutleroffortscott@hotmail.com
East on US Hwy 54 from US Hwy 69, North on Franklin Street to Homestead.

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